20% Of Sales Rep Turnover Happens In The First 45 Days

With Gryphon You Can Show Your New Sales Reps a Clear Path to Success & Decrease New Rep Turnover!

Have You Set Your New Sales Reps Up For Success or Failure? 

On average it takes $30,000 and seven months to find and onboard a new salesperson. If that is not scary enough, even after all this time and money, this process still might fail. Turnover rates for sales employees have reached a five-year high.

Gryphon’s cloud-based sales performance management solutions have helped our Fortune 500 clients reduce training and onboarding time by 30% while increasing revenue and retention.

Gryphon’s Sales Performance Provides Managers With:

Real-Time Goal Tracking & Sales Rep Accountability

Automatic Activity Capture from any Phone, Device or Carrier

Real-time Call Results with Custom Outcomes

Call Attempts & Frequency

Simplified Sales Forecasting

Automated Call Activity Logging into CRM

We Could Say More But We Would Rather Show You!

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Increase Revenue &Retention While Decreasing Onboarding Time By 30% Or more!