Are You Hoping Your Sales Reps Make Quota This Year?

2/3 Of All Sales Reps Won’t Make Quota This Year. Will Yours?

Learn How Gryphon Can Help Your Team Hit Your Revenue Goals!

Will Your Sales Team Miss Quota Again This Year? They Don’t Have Too!       

As the end of the year is fast-approaching, there is one thing weighing heavily on the minds of sales executives… How am I going to meet my quota? This is a legitimate concern, considering that 2/3 of sales professionals do not meet quota, and 67% do not attain individual goals.

Whether you are stressing about meeting the numbers for the month, for the quarter, or for the year, you shouldn’t need to keep your fingers crossed or rely on luck to meet or surpass your sales targets. There must be a better way…

Introducing Gryphon Sales Intelligence: The Better Way!

The best indicator of success is real-time and accurate visibility into the sales activity that directly contributes to revenue generation.  What sales reps are doing everyday matters when the quarter closes.

With the Gryphon Sales Intelligence System, our clients have improved coaching, optimized training and boosted revenue by at least 20%

Sales Management Simplified

We designed our sales enablement tools to simplify the process of outbound prospecting from CRM and Salesforce in a stable environment.

Our customizable sales performance dashboard offers sales professionals the fastest and most reliable way to quota attainment by offering:

Real-Time Goal Tracking & Sales Rep Accountability

Automatic Activity Capture from any Phone, Device or Carrier

Real-time Call Results with Custom Outcomes

Call Attempts & Frequency

Simplified Sales Forecasting

Automated Call Activity Logging into CRM

We Could Say More But We Would Rather Show You!

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Tired Of Your Team Missing Quota? Gryphon Can Help!