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Increase Overall Sales Performance 20% by Improving Coaching and Onboarding

Introducing the Better Way:

For almost 20 years, Gryphon has specialized in sales rep effectiveness for the largest sales teams.  Gryphon is particularly beneficial for financial services organizations with high volume and distributed sales teams.  Our track record of phone-based performance management and fully indemnified DNC and TCPA compliance, for any agent or phone with no new equipment or processes, speaks for itself.

“Before working with Gryphon, we didn’t even know how many dials agents actually made. We were hoping they were giving us a good guesstimate,” says senior development manager at New York Life, Dan Pico. “It was just terrible.”

Gryphon’s cloud-based sales performance management solutions have also helped our clients grow revenue by improving coaching and reducing training/onboarding time by 50%.

✔ Real-Time Goal Tracking & Sales Rep Accountability
✔ Automatic Activity Capture from any Phone, Device or Carrier
✔ Real-time Call Results with Custom Outcomes
✔ Call Attempts & Frequency
✔ Simplified Sales Forecasting
✔ Automated Call Activity Logging into CRM
✔ Fully Indemnified Do-not-Call and TCPA Compliance

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