Belmont Savings Bank MVP Newsletter

The Belmont Savings Bank newsletter is a monthly call activity update designed to identify outstanding sales leadership and motivate the right behavior.

Metrics highlighted in this newsletter include:

  • Total calls
  • Disposition adherence %
  • Call to Accepted offer effectiveness ratio

Disposition Adherence: Call dispositions are a true reflection of the outcome of each phone call.  Sales agents can capture call outcomes by entering a simple, customizable keypad sequence after a call is over without the hassle of manual entry and note taking. Tagging the outcome of each call provides a quantified analysis of effectiveness.  Only a consistent lead follow up process can drive higher activity and better conversion rates.

Disposition Adherence By Office Last Full Month

Call Attempts:

Total of 3,691 calls for the month!

Call Attempts Per Rep by Week:

Total Appointments Set by Week:

Appointments Set by Branch by Week:

Call Effectiveness

Call effectiveness is defined as the average number of dials needed to set up an appointment. The lower the number, the greater the effectiveness.

Call Effectiveness by Office: Belmont Center is the most effective office!

Belmont Center 29:1

Cambridge In Store 38:1

Newton In Store 31:1

Trapelo Road 100:1

Waltham In Store 154:1

Watertown Square 61:1


Gryphon tip:

Remember to always tag the outcome of your calls to help you qualify for an MVP spot on future newsletters. Also, track your own call activity performance using Gryphon’s Agent View. Here is a short video tutorial on how to use the agent view.